Send disputed medical bills to your health insurance company for payment

Public Service Announcement: It’s not illegal to bill health insurance when workers’ compensation has disputed your medical bills.

I get this question several times per week and it deserves a follow-up blog post. It is not illegal to bill health insurance for medical treatment that is not being paid under workers’ compensation. Unfortunately, many doctor’s offices and pharmacies do not understand this fact and give out wrong information. We tell our clients to stand their ground on this issue.

Health insurance allows you to seek medical treatment immediately rather than waiting until your workers’ compensation case is resolved. This also allows you to obtain important evidence that you indeed have a work-related disability.

Most health insurance companies will pay disputed medical bills. You might need to provide a formal document entitled Notice of Dispute and sign a reimbursement agreement. Payback is only required if you win or settle your workers’ comp case.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan is in a special category and is required under Michigan law to initiate payment. Government health insurance programs like Medicaid and Medicare will also pay disputed medical bills.

An experienced lawyer can negotiate with your health insurance company to reduce any required payback. The goal should always be to get necessary medical treatment and maximize the amount of money received from workers’ compensation.

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