We are thankful this holiday season

Reflecting on challenges facing our clients and reasons why our attorneys are thankful.

I want to start Thanksgiving week with a blog post about why our attorneys are thankful. It seems like our clients are constantly under attack and this reflects in many of the articles we post.

Here is a short reprieve from the usual doom and gloom. We hope our reasons to be thankful inspire optimism for the holiday season.


1. We are thankful for our clients

Most people never think about what happens if they get hurt at work. They are suddenly thrown into an unknown workers’ compensation system with seemingly arbitrary and harsh rules. It can be devastating to lose your income and not have access to medical care. We are constantly amazed with the resilience and grace that many of our clients show in the face of adversity. They inspire us in so many ways.

2. We are thankful for treating doctors

Insurance companies use the independent medical examination (IME) to dispute benefits. These reports are written by doctors who make a career out of testifying and earn hundreds of thousands per year. The best way to challenge these biased medical opinions is with evidence from a treating source. We are thankful for treating doctors who give up their valuable time to support their patients. Even a short letter refuting the IME can make all the difference in a case.

3. We are thankful for the Worker’s Disability Compensation Act

Michigan adopted its first workers’ compensation law in 1912. It was designed as a grand bargain between labor and business. Individuals hurt on-the-job get medical treatment and lost wages regardless of fault. Employers get protection from civil lawsuits and only pay limited benefits. It is truly a compromise of interests and a safety net that must be protected.

4. We are thankful for the Board of Magistrates

These hardworking individuals are responsible for hearing contested workers’ compensation claims. It is their job to decide the facts and law. We are thankful for magistrates who help get cases settled through facilitation and make a fair determination when a case must proceed to trial. It is not an easy job and neither side is usually happy with the result.

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