Do you really want a concierge nurse hired by the insurance company?

Travelers insurance expanding its ConceirgeClaim Nurse program and what you need to know about your legal rights.

An article from is reporting that Travelers insurance is expanding its ConceirgeClaim Nurse program. It is available through local occupational clinics, most of which are operated by Concentra or U.S. HealthWorks. Nurses will be available to review diagnosis and treatment plan immediately following the doctor visit.

The program has been shown to reduce insurance costs and lower attorney representation rates. “A business owner or company risk manager’s job encompasses a wide range of responsibilities, chief among them being to manage the cost of their company’s workers’ compensation program and to ensure the company’s injured employees are able to return to work as soon as medically appropriate,” says Jim Wucherpfennig, vice president of Workers’ Compensation at Travelers.

Our 2 cents

We think a concierge nurse is just a fancy name for nurse case manager. This is something insurance companies have used for years to control medical costs and manipulate work restrictions. You really have to wonder if lowering attorney representation rates should be a stated goal.

Occupational clinics are where most people are required to seek medical care for the first 28 days. Our clients have enough trouble getting a correct diagnosis and treatment. Having an insurance company nurse on location can make it even worse.

Nurse case managers do not always have your best interests at heart. Our clients tells us about conversations that happen outside their presence. Doctors are told that medical treatment will not be authorized or that work restrictions need to be modified. We also see individuals who are sent back to work far too soon.

Sometimes the nurse case manager changes appointments for their convenience and takes an adversarial role. We tell our clients to insist on privacy in the examination room and to only allow the nurse case manager to speak with a doctor in their presence. The State of Michigan has a list of Do’s and Don’ts that nurse case managers should be using as a guideline.

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