Happy New Year! (2016)

What are the 3 best ways to improve your workers’ comp case during 2016?

Our law firm is closed today and tomorrow for a long holiday weekend. We wish all of our blog readers a Happy New Year! Here are 3 ways to improve your worker’ comp case in 2016.

1. Choose your own doctor after 28 days

Michigan law allows the employer to pick your doctor during the first 28 days. This is why so many people are seen at occupational clinics like Concentra. We recommend choosing your own doctor to avoid a potential conflict of interest. You need a physician on your side who will support the claim if later disputed. You are also entitled to receive the very best medical care available.

2. Do a good-faith job search

The insurance company will say jobs are available but you are simply lazy and not looking. This creates an offset based upon your potential wage earning capacity. Doing a good-faith job search shows a magistrate that no employer will hire you with restrictions. It is a critical part of your case and the best way to ensure full wage loss benefits get paid.

3. Keep your lawyer informed

Make sure your lawyer knows about new doctors and unpaid medical bills. It is impossible to prove your case without a physician who supports disability. You must also keep your lawyer informed about any changes with your employment. Getting a new job will have consequences for your case. Finally, it is important to keep your mailing address and telephone number updated. The lawyer must be able to find you if something happens in your case.

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