Large corporations vs. everybody else

Exposé on workers’ compensation reform and how large corporation influence state laws.

6848823919_724f516a05_mWe saw another fascinating article about workers’ compensation reform by ProPublica. It is a shocking investigation on how Tyson Foods, one of the world’s largest meatpackers, used its political influence to change the workers’ compensation system in Iowa.

According to the article, Tyson Foods has urged officials, often successfully, to remove or appoint workers’ compensation judges. It has advocated for giving employers more say over medical care, raising the burden of proof, and limiting the scope of activities deemed work-related.

Tyson Foods employs 113,000 workers at more than 400 facilities and offices. It spends millions each year on workers’ compensation and has helped shape the law in multiple states. The article is a must read for anyone concerned about how big business can influence workers’ compensation law.

What about Michigan?

We have blogged about politics and workers’ compensation on several different occasions. Special interest groups promote candidates who support their agenda and use these relationships to reform Michigan law.

This most recently occurred with the passage of House Bill 5002 (2011). It gave employers more control over medical treatment, raised the burden of proof, and generally reduced benefits for Michigan workers. Sound familiar?

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