You got a telephone call from who?

Our tongue-in-cheek list of insurance company representatives and their new job titles.

4627837492_89815aef58_mWe previously blogged about how Travelers insurance is expanding its ConceirgeClaim Nurse program. It will place insurance company nurses at occupational clinics. This will allow review of diagnoses and treatment plans immediately after doctor visits.

We think “concierge nursing” is just a fancy name for medical case management. It is surely going to confuse some people into believing these nurses have their best interests at heart. Nurse case managers are traditionally used to reduce insurance costs at your expense.

Here is our tongue-in-cheek list of insurance company representatives that you might encounter and their friendlier job titles.

1. Claims Adjuster

A claims adjuster investigates workplace accidents and makes a determination about compensability. This includes approving medical treatment and payment of wage loss benefits. They dispute claims and negotiate settlements. We think a friendlier name is “insurance payment coordinator.”

2. Independent Medical Examiner

Insurance companies routinely send people for medical examinations. No doctor/patient relationship is established and the doctor only writes a report about causation and disability. Many of these doctors make a career testing for insurance companies and they are known as the cut-off doctor. We don’t need to come up with a friendlier name because they are already called “independent medical examiner.”

3. Private Investigator

It is very common for private investigators to follow people on workers’ comp and perform activity checks. Insurance companies hope to find some evidence that a claim is fraudulent. Snippets of video are taken out-of-context and used against people in court. These “guardian angel investigators” watch your every move to make sure you are not performing activities beyond what your doctor has indicated.

4. Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor

Vocational rehabilitation counselors are hired to perform employability and wage earning capacity assessments. They will also do a labor market survey to show all the jobs that you could theoretically do instead of being disabled. We calls these individuals “magical job creators.”

5. Defense Attorney

Insurance companies can afford to have defense attorneys on staff. It is their job to minimize the amount of benefits that must be paid in a contested case. The court process can takes years and expect your life to get turned upside down. Perhaps the insurance company should refer to these professionals as “litigation tour guides.”

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