3D-printed vertebrae surgery is coming

Medical advances give people hope for better treatments under workers’ compensation.

3812999850_e2bb2e0d89_mI saw a fascinating article on Engadget about a neurosurgeon who successfully replaced two vertebrae with 3D-printed replicas. The 15 hour surgery prevented a man with cancer from becoming paralyzed.

Spinal injuries are some of the most difficult under workers’ compensation. Many of our clients undergo a procedure known as a spinal fusion. This is when metal plates, screws, and rods are used to hold vertebrae together, so they can heal into one solid unit. Additional stress on the vertebrae above and below the fused portion can result in degeneration causing more problems.

It is common for our clients to have permanent restrictions and need lifetime medical care after a spinal fusion. We hope medical advances will give our clients hope that better options are indeed coming.

Experimental Medicine

All reasonable and necessary medical treatment is covered under workers’ compensation in Michigan. However, procedures that are considered experimental are frequently disputed.

Advancing medical technology will give people more options after spinal injury. This includes 3D-printed vertebrae and even brain controlled devices that can help relieve the effects of paralysis.

We expect to see even more people look for alternatives to spinal fusion as these medical advances move forward.

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