Q&A Week – Part 1 (Lost Wages)

Real questions from our clients about Michigan workers’ compensation and their lost wages.

5299199423_f8de99f3ee_mQ. How much money should I receive?

A. Weekly benefits equal 80% of the after-tax value of your average weekly wage. This amount is calculated using the highest 39 paid weeks before you got hurt. Overtime and premium pay should be included. A good rule of thumb is to expect about 60% of your pay. The maximum amount for 2016 is $842.00 per week.

Q. When will I get my first check?

You must be disabled for at least 1 week before lost wages are paid. A week is 7 consecutive days and includes weekends. Checks are not considered late until 30 days past due.

Q. How long will I be paid?

A. Weekly benefits continue until disability ends or you return to work. Watch out for insurance companies who say you can find another job and cut-off benefits early. This is based upon “wage earning capacity” and it is not always fair!

Q. Can I settle for a lump sum cash payment?

A. Many people settle their claims for a cash payment. The amount will depend upon your weekly comp rate and whether you can return to work in the near future.

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