Michigan Workers’ Comp Quiz (2016 Edition)

Do you know whether these 10 statements about your legal rights in Michigan are true or false?

We believe knowledge is power and understanding you legal rights could make all the difference with your workers’ compensation claim in Michigan.

Do you know what happens when you get hurt at work? Can you figure out if these 10 statements about your legal rights are true or false?

Decide if each statement below is true or false. Answers will be provided at the end of the quiz.

1. I can sue my employer for negligence. True/False

2. I will get full pay while on workers’ compensation. True/False

3. My employer will continue to pay health insurance premiums. True/False

4. Medical treatment is covered without co-pays or deductibles. T/F

5. I can select my own doctor after 28 days. True/False

6. Family members get paid to help around the house. True/False

7. I will get my job back when disability ends. True/False

8. I can get mileage reimbursement for doctor appointments. True/False

9. Vocational rehabilitation pays for college or retraining. True/False

10. I can settle my claim for a lump sum cash payment. True/False


1. False: Workers’ compensation is your exclusive remedy. This means you cannot sue for negligence. In exchange, you are guaranteed limited wage loss and medical benefits.

2. False: The amount you should receive is equal to 80% of your after-tax average weekly wage. This is usually about 60% of your gross pay. Insurance companies also get a credit for jobs that you could perform. This is based upon a “wage earning capacity” and it is not fair.

3. False: Employers do not have to continue paying health insurance premiums. Discontinuation of this fringe benefit can be used to increase weekly checks under workers’ compensation.

4. True: Medical care is the most important benefit under workers’ compensation. All reasonable and necessary treatment should be covered without co-pays or deductibles.

5. True: You can select your own doctor after 28 days from the start of medical care. It is important to find a doctor who you trust and will support your claim.

6. True: Family members can receive up to 56 hours per week for attendant care. This is to help with activities of daily living. A prescription from your doctor is required and the amount paid will depend upon the services provided. A family member should receive what a professional would be paid.

7. False: Workers’ compensation does not protect your job. It is possible that a union or employment contract will give you additional rights. Federal law also provides for unpaid leave under FMLA under specific circumstances.

8. True: You should be paid for each mile going to and coming from medical appointments. Meals and lodging will also be reimbursed if you must travel a far distance.

9. True: Vocational rehabilitation can be used to pay for college credits or retraining. This can help you get back into the workforce after a serious workplace injury.

10. True: Many people settle their workers’ compensation claims for a lump sum cash payment. This allows a person to do his or her own medical and vocational rehabilitation without interference from the insurance company. It also lets a person return to a new employer while ensuring additional future benefits.

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