Independence Day – 2016

Wishing our blog readers a happy 4th of July and our list of grievances with workers’ compensation in Michigan.

Our law firm will be closed on July 4, 2016 to celebrate Independence Day. We hope all of our blog readers enjoy this long holiday weekend and get some much needed rest.

In the spirit of the Declaration of Independence, here is our list of grievances that must be addressed immediately! Let facts be submitted to a candid world:

1. Stop calling defense medical examiners “independent.” We all know these doctors make careers out of testifying for insurance companies and earn hundreds of thousands each year.

2. Phantom wages should never be used to reduce benefits. Just because a vocational expert says jobs are available does not make it true. Do not adjust the weekly comp rate until a magistrate reviews the evidence.

3. Michigan employers have now saved more than $300 million dollars since 2011 legislative reforms were enacted. Refunds should be given to small business owners who have not seen insurance premiums drop 30%.

4. Additional benefits must be paid when the comp rate falls below poverty level. Nobody can survive on just $19.00 per week. It is time that we guarantee a minimum benefit.

5. Get politics out of workers’ compensation. Special interest groups should not come before Michigan citizens.

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