Wearable technology is coming to a job near you

Tongue-in-cheek suggestions for companies looking to invest into wearable technology and prevent workers’ compensation claims.

A fascinating article was published on PropertyCasualty360.com about wearable technology. How it is poised to become a major disruptive trend in the workers’ compensation industry. Some of the benefits include reducing costs and improving safety. Productivity can also be monitored and tracked.

We see this technology as a two-way street. It could prove invaluable to the employee who is claiming a specific workplace injury. It could also show an employee is not truthful. Privacy issues are another concern.

Here is our tongue-in-cheek list of ways employers can invest in wearable technology.

1. Safety glasses that monitor work activities and stream live video to your supervisor.

2. Ear muffs that block all sounds except for approved work noise.

3. Activity tracker that reports on hourly productivity to management.

4. Dust mask that monitors breath for alcohol.

5. Bracelet that takes daily blood samples to ensure no illicit drugs in your system.

6. Tags in clothing monitor perspiration and require water breaks.

7. Hard hat that automatically restricts a person from secure areas.

8. Proximity sensors keep chatty employees away from each other with loud sirens.

9. Genetic testing device automatically fires employees with signs of chronic illness.

10. Robot assistant testifies against you in court.

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