Happy Halloween!

Our tongue-in-cheek list of Halloween costume ideas for the scary people involved in your workers’ compensation case.

We think humor is a great stress reliever for people fighting to get on workers’ compensation. Claimants must deal with a variety of “professionals” and some of them can be downright scary. Here is our tongue-in-cheek list of Halloween costumes for people involved in your claim.

1. Nothing is more frustrating than when a claims adjuster will not return telephone calls. Ignoring calls results in delayed medical treatment and missing weekly checks. We suggest a ghost costume because they seem to disappear into thin air.

2. Nurse case managers do not always have your best interests at heart. Our clients tell us about invasions of privacy and conversations that happen outside their presence. This results in changes to work restrictions and medical disputes. A prison guard costume is perfect for someone who insists everyone must give up their privacy.

3. Private investigators regularly follow claimants. Surveillance video is often taken out-of-context and used to defend cases in court. We have seen private investigators suit up in tactical gear and hide in the bushes. How about they just complete the look and dress up as an army man going to war?

4. Insurance companies use so called “independent” doctors to review workers’ compensation claims. These medical examinations are biased and typically result in a cut-off. Many of these doctors make a career out of testifying for insurance companies and earn hundreds of thousands each year. The crazy doctor will see you now.

5. Defense attorneys are like the creepy neighbor down the street who is always looking to scare you. They will not pass out candy but will give you a few loose pennies to go away. We suggest a clown mask.

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