Overweight and obesity linked to higher workers’ compensation costs

Michigan employers can save money on workers’ compensation costs through health and wellness programs.

A new study by the American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine (ACOEM) found overweight and obese claimants to be more expensive when it comes to workers’ compensation costs. Excess weight has been found to be a significant risk factor for higher costs after a major workplace injury.

Previous studies have already shown a link between obesity and higher rates of workplace injuries. Weight also plays a role in how long a person remains off work.

We are big proponents of employer sponsored health and wellness plans. Healthier employees get better faster and miss less time. Other positive benefits include better company morale and employee retention. Small investment in health and wellness can pay big dividends.

Another way to reduce workers’ compensation costs is through education programs. Employees should never be afraid of losing their jobs if they get hurt at work. So many of the people who contact our office just need basic information. Telling employees about their workers’ compensation rights and helping deal with insurance companies reduces stress. Open communication is the best way to avoid unnecessary litigation and higher costs.

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