Feel like you are being watched? You probably are!

4 rules for when you are being followed by a private investigator and how to protect your Michigan workers’ compensation benefits.

Insurance companies routinely hire private investigators to follow claimants and obtain surveillance video and pictures. Activity checks include speaking with relatives, neighbors, coworkers, and reviewing social media postings.

Video surveillance and social media postings are often taken out of context and used as defenses in court. The insurance company wants to find any proof that a person is faking and will spin evidence in their favor. We tell our clients to live their normal lives but follow some easy rules.

1. Stop using social media

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram will all be scoured for any incriminating comments or pictures. We recommend that you deactivate these social media accounts until after your claim is settled. Do not rely upon privacy settings as these can be easily manipulated.

2. Be aware of your surroundings

We tell our clients to be mindful of their work restrictions when outside the home. Just lifting a bag of groceries can be used to say a person can work 40 hours per week. Sunday night dinner with the family could turn into a nightmare if you lift up grandchildren. Some clients have been filmed through windows at their home or open garage door. Close blinds and keep the garage door shut. Ask relatives, friends, and neighbors to help out with home maintenance or lawn care.

3. Do not play games

Many of our clients notice when a surveillance vehicle is following closely behind them. Resist the temptation to make unnecessary or dangerous automobile maneuvers. Always drive safe!

4. Avoid confrontation

Private investigators are licensed professionals doing a job. Do not start a physical confrontation or get in their face. This will be used against you in court! We recommend calling the local police if someone is trespassing or otherwise harassing you.

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