Nasal cells used in treating damaged knee cartilage

New medical research shows damaged knee joints can be repaired with nasal cells and why these work injuries can be difficult to treat.

We saw a fascinating article on CNN about an experimental medical procedure that uses nasal cells to repair damaged knee cartilage. Nasal cells have more reproducible capacity to form new cartilage and the ‘plasticity’ to adapt to a joint environment. Patients reported substantial improvements in knee pain and function after two years. While promising, clinical trials are needed to see about the long-term viability of this treatment.

Injuries to the knee are some of the most common types of workers’ compensation cases. Sometimes a piece of cartilage or bone break off causing disruption of the joint. The kneecap can also become dislocated from trauma. The ACL can be torn from activities that require a sudden change in direction. Meniscus damage occurs from twisting motions while bearing weight.

Knee cartilage lacks its own blood supply, so it has very little ability to repair itself once damaged. Treatment involves prescription medication and physical therapy. Sometimes corticosteroids are used to relieve pain and swelling. Arthroscopic surgery is very common for diagnosis and repair. Some individuals require partial or total knee replacement and this can be very costly.

Insurance companies dispute knee claims for a variety of reasons. Watch out for IME doctors who blame degenerative arthritis as the source of all your problems. The truth is that almost everyone develops arthritis as they get older and it does not automatically invalidate a claim. Call an experienced attorney if your benefits are denied.

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