Technology is shaping the future of workers’ comp

Modular exoskeleton created by suitX can prevent work-related injuries and the technology of workplace safety.

Our lawyers are big science fiction fans and get excited when new technologies are brought to life. We thought it would be interesting to discuss some of these breakthroughs in the context of workers’ comp.

A fascinating article was recently posted on Engadget about a company that will be producing modular exoskeletons. Created by suitX, the Modular Agile eXoskeleton (MAX) was designed to support body parts that are prone to getting injured while doing heavy physical work. The idea is stop workers from getting hurt in the first place.

We also previously blogged about a company called XOEye Technologies that developed safety goggles that can take pictures and stream video over Wi-Fi. This would allow employers to see accidents in real-time.

Telehealth is also a promising technology that is being rolled out. Individuals will be able to use computers or tablets to see a doctor the moment a workplace accident occurs. Medical emergencies can be quickly diagnosed.

3d printing offers new ways to help people with spinal injury. Two fractured vertebrae were recently replaced with printed replicas. Brain implants are helping people move paralyzed limbs.

MIOSHA has even gotten into the game by setting up a streaming library of free videos on employee safety.

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