2017 Weekly Benefit Tables Now Available

Workers’ Compensation Agency (WCA) releases 2017 Weekly Benefit Tables and how to double check your comp rate.

weeklybenefittables2017The WCA has released 2017 Weekly Benefit Tables and this information can be used to calculate how much you should be paid under workers’ comp. Generally, 80% of your after-tax average weekly wage.

Our experience shows that insurance companies make mistakes and they are never in your favor. Here are some instructions on using the 2017 Weekly Benefits Tables so you can double check the math. Please remember that your comp rate is limited by a state-wide maximum and this amount has not yet been released.

Sample Calculation

Take out some paper and write down gross pay for each week during the 52 weeks before you got hurt. Circle the highest 39 paid weeks and add them together. Divide this total by 39 to calculate your average weekly wage. Makes sure to include overtime pay!

Plug your average weekly wage into tables provided by the State of Michigan. You must know tax filing status and number of claimed dependents. This will give you a weekly comp rate.

Watch out for insurance companies who use the wrong weeks or just estimate wages based upon hourly rate. We have seen people receive much less than required because the insurance company did not bother to obtain actual wage records from the employer.

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