Happy New Year! Welcome 2017!

Resolution ideas for 2017 that can make your Michigan workers’ compensation case a success.

Our law firm will be closed on December 30, 2016 and January 2, 2017 to ring in the New Year. We hope all of our blog readers have a wonderful and safe long weekend.

The holiday season is especially difficult for our clients. Financial pressure can be overwhelming when a person gets cut-off from workers’ compensation.

We believe the best way to relieve stress and anxiety is through positive action. Here are some resolution ideas for 2017 that can make your workers’ compensation case a success.

1. See your doctor and follow medical advice

It is easy to give up and not follow through with medical advice. Sometimes the choice is between getting medical treatment or putting food on the table. We recommend applying for health insurance through Medicaid. This allows you to get needed medical treatment and proof of continuing disability.

2. Perform a good-faith job search

Michigan law requires claimants to be actively looking for work. This requirement can literally make or break your case. Evidence that you cannot find a job is used to prove entitlement. Without a good-faith job search, you could end up winning at trial but get no wage loss benefits.

3. Come up with a plan for the future

Workers’ compensation pays limited benefits and most people eventually have their claim disputed. We tell our clients to think about the future and possible settlement. Want to be retrained for a new career? Start a new business? Is filing for Social Security Disability the preferred option? Having an honest conversation with your lawyer is the key to a great result.

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