5 reasons you should not accept cash for a workplace accident

Accepting cash from your employer instead of making a workers’ comp claim is risky business and how to protect your legal rights.

Our attorneys get mad when employers take advantage of people hurt on-the-job. This has real consequences when someone cannot get needed medical treatment or provide for their family.

Employers lie about insurance coverage and provide bad information about legal rights. Some people are even threatened with losing their job if they make a workers’ comp claim.

We have seen situations where the employer requires a person to sign away his or her workers’ comp benefits for a small amount of money. This is illegal and unenforceable!

It is tempting to accept cash from your employer when unable to work. Here are some reasons to think twice about this important decision.

1. No future medical treatment or wage loss

Watch out for employers who want you to lie in exchange for paying medical bills. This is extremely risky and will backfire should you ever make a workers’ comp claim. What you tell the doctor in the emergency room can make or break a future workers’ comp case.

2. You could miss important deadlines

Michigan law requires a person to report their injury within 90 days of the occurrence. An employee must also make a claim with 2 years. It these deadlines are missed; it can foreclose any possible recovery under workers’ comp. What happens if problems become worse in the future? Do not count on your employer to do that right thing.

3. Promises are rarely kept

Our experience shows that promises about lost wages and paying medical bills are rarely kept. You might get a few extra paychecks but this is little compensation for a potential lifetime disability. Surgery can also cost tens of thousands and your employer might skip out on the medical bill. The doctor or hospital will ultimately come after you!

4. Missing important benefits

Did you know that relatives can get paid up to 56 hours per week for helping you with activities of daily living? What about getting vocational retraining or school tuition? Do not sell yourself short!

5. The IRS will want its share

Wage loss benefits under workers’ comp are income tax free. This is not true for wage continuation and other payments from your employer.

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