Lawmakers seek to eliminate OSHA regulation

U.S. Congress considers elimination of OSHA regulation that requires employers to keep detailed records of any worker injuries or illnesses.

We saw an interesting article published by NPR about the elimination of an OSHA regulation that requires companies keep accurate records of workplace accidents. The current regulation says records must be kept for five years.

Record keeping is important because it allows investigators to know what’s going on in the workplace and how employees are getting hurt. This data can be used to improve safety and prevent future accidents.

Elimination of the OSHA regulation would make it harder to penalize companies who do not keep accurate records. It will also result in less enforcement of safety laws.

Our 2 cents

We should not encourage companies to take the easy way out by sweeping workplace accidents under the rug. Getting rid of this OSHA regulation will lead to incomplete reporting and fake logs. Enforcement of safety rules will also decline.

Safety should be the #1 priority for all employers. Many workplace accident can be avoided through increased training and safety programs. This is not just the right thing to do but can save employers money by reducing workers’ comp costs.

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