Michigan lawmaker wants to end “time change”

Would ending Daylight Saving Time stop people from getting hurt on-the-job in Michigan?

The Detroit Free Press published an interesting article about a Michigan lawmaker who wants to end the practice of switching between Eastern Standard Time and Daylight Saving Time. This switch occurs so that evening daylight lasts an hour longer during summer months.

Representative Pete Lucido hates the switching back and forth twice a year. “It’s not about the actual time. It’s about changing that hour. That’s what causes all the trouble.”

Lucido worked as a lawyer for 30 years advising his family’s insurance company about how the time change increases workers’ comp claims. “If you’re working with heavy equipment, or on an assembly line or even just doing an intense mental activity, you’re not on your game.”

This is a fascinating discussion and worthy of some debate. Health and wellness of employees can make a big difference in workers’ comp costs. A seemingly trivial event like moving the clock forward an hour can result in more workplace accidents. We think a broader discussion about employee health and wellness is needed.

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