Knee replacement surgery the best option?

What do individuals on workers’ compensation need to know about knee replacement surgery?

NBC Nightly News published a video article about the effectiveness of knee replacement surgery. It discusses the results of a study published by Mount Sinai Health System questioning whether this procedure is right for younger individuals with less severe symptoms.

This topic is close to our hearts because of the number of people we see with severe knee problems. Many of our clients suffer from chronic knee pain related to their employment.

Activities such as twisting, rotating, kneeling, pivoting, squatting, lifting, or sudden stops and turns can result in injury. Some knee problems develop from years of heavy labor.

Knee replacement surgery is recommended when cartilage is damaged or wears away. This procedure has become very popular but only last about 15-20 years. Many patients require second or even third surgeries.

Workers’ compensation insurance should pay for all reasonable and necessary medical treatment. This includes knee replacement surgery and follow-up care. Wage replacement should also be covered while a person is recovering.

Michigan law allows a person to select his or her own doctor after 28 days. We tell our clients to find an expert in knee replacement surgery and get a consultation. Alternative treatments include physical therapy, braces, and injections.

Insurance companies fight responsibility because of the high costs associated with knee replacement. Findings of preexisting arthritis are used to dispute medical causation. Watch out for IME doctors who insist problems are degenerative.

Arthritis does not automatically excluded a person from workers’ compensation. A traumatic event can make a preexisting knee condition much worse. It is important to see a doctor and report new symptoms. This medical evidence can be used to challenge bad insurance company decisions.

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