Alternative therapies for chronic back pain

New research shows yoga is an effective treatment for chronic back pain and how to get workers’ compensation insurance to pay.

Many of our clients suffer from chronic back pain and are looking for ways to cope. NPR has now posted a fascinating article about the effectiveness of yoga as an alternative treatment for back pain.

Researchers recruited 320 individuals with chronic back pain and divided them into three groups. One group participated in a weekly yoga class for 12 weeks. Another group was given 15 physical therapy sessions. The final group was provided with educational information.

Participants in the yoga and physical therapy groups saw improved function. Use of pain medication also dropped significantly.

It should be noted that special yoga classes were designed for people with back pain. Critics of the study point out that treating back pain is complicated and a one size fits all approach does not work.

We think alternative treatments are very important and more research needs to be funded. This is especially true for individuals who have been using opioids for an extended period.

Michigan workers’ compensation covers all reasonable and necessary medical treatment. This includes physical therapy, aqua therapy, and even yoga. Some of our clients even make use of a gym membership. Watch out for insurance companies who refuse to pay for these items.

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