Battle against opioid epidemic takes shape

Michigan attorney general launches new criminal unit to prosecute illegal trafficking of opioids and stop doctors who overprescribe pain medications.

We have previously blogged about the opioid epidemic. How workers’ comp patients become dependent on pain medication and it ends up prolonging disability. Clients who struggle with addiction are encouraged to seek professional help.

Opioids have been a hot topic in Michigan workers’ comp for several years. Administrative rules now prohibit reimbursements for opioid treatment beyond 90 days unless detailed physician reporting requirements and other processes are met.

Claim costs where an opioid has been prescribed have also been shown to be much higher. This motivates insurance companies to pay for alternative treatments and addiction services. Even inpatient treatment can be covered.

The Michigan attorney general has now announced a criminal unit to specifically prosecute opioid crimes. This will hopefully serve as a deterrent to criminals who peddle illicit drugs and serve as a warning to doctors who carelessly overprescribe.

Class action lawsuits against opioid manufacturers have also been filed. Drug makers have been accused of disseminating misleading or false information about the risk and benefits of opioids.

It is encouraging to see the opioid epidemic being addressed head on. We hope anyone who is suffering from addiction can get needed help.

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