Medicaid expansion in jeopardy of collapse

Senate GOP healthcare bill slashes Medicaid insurance and what this means for our workers’ comp clients in Michigan.

We read a fascinating article on Mlive summarizing 12 ways the Senate GOP healthcare plan could impact Michigan. Number 1 on the list was the likely end of Medicaid expansion in our state.

Michigan lawmakers expanded Medicaid coverage to individuals with income up to 138 percent of the federal poverty level. This was made possible through federal funds provided under the Affordable Care Act. Expansion was approved with the caveat that it would end if federal funding declined.

Senate Republicans are now trying to roll back the expansion with the Better Care Reconciliation Act. This legislation will reduce funding for Medicaid starting in 2021 and change state reimbursement levels.

Michigan enrollees could see a loss of coverage immediately because of these cuts. This could impact 630,000 residents who have already signed up. It could also result in 30,000 local job losses in the health care industry.

Many of our clients cannot afford to get medical treatment when their workers’ comp claims are disputed. Medicaid expansion lets them see a doctor and get on the road to recovery. It also opens the door for reimbursement to the state when medical evidence shows a condition is work-related.

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