Alternatives for dealing with chronic pain

Dangers of opioid abuse and alternative treatments for chronic pain.

The Washington Post has an excellent article about the cost of pain relief. Turns out that most people would give up their entire livelihoods just to live pain-free. It is no surprise that we have an opioid epidemic when it costs less than a dollar per day for these powerful drugs.

Chronic pain is a complicated issue that affects many of our clients. It can prevent a person from returning to work or even living their lives. Some experts believe chronic pain causes feedback loops in the nervous system causing a terrible disease all to itself.

Unfortunately, there is no magic test to prove what a person is feeling. We have clients who have their medical treatment stopped and they are forced back to work. Relying on pills to make it through the day is common.

Doctors who specialize in pain management often look at treating the whole person with the goal of restoring quality of life. Alternative treatments include yoga, acupuncture, fitness training, psychological counseling, and biofeedback. Prescription medications have their place but there are other options.

We encourage anyone with chronic pain to seek help. Michigan law requires all reasonable and necessary medical treatment to be covered under workers’ compensation. This includes alternative treatments and choosing your own doctor.

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