Wearable safety technology is here!

How can employers make a safer workplace through wearable safety technology?

We have blogged about wearable safety tech in the past. How it has the potential to save people from getting hurt on-the-job. It can also reduce workers’ compensation costs for employers. Small investments in safety really do pay big dividends.

MIOSHA awards grants to small and medium size companies who promote worker safety. These programs have been shown to save lives. We think employers should be encouraged to think outside the box and look for new ways to innovate. Wearable safety technology is the new frontier. Here are just three news items we saw last week.

CBS News has reported on a wearable UV patch that aims to improve sun safety. It connects with a smartphone and tells a person when additional sunscreen should be applied. This could go a long way to preventing skin cancer for people who must work outside.

The Arizona Daily Sun reports on a start-up company that has created light up work boots powered by kinetic motion. A variety of sensors monitor the worker and the light provides better visibility in dark environments.

Wired has reported that Google Glass is coming back. The 2.0 product is targeted for worksites and is compatible with frames that meet OSHA safety standards. Digital information can be overplayed and video can be captured.

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