Back to school. Time for a pop quiz!

Take our pop quiz and see if you understand Michigan workers’ comp law.

Q1. Mark was hurt at work and given six days off. Does he qualify for wage loss benefits under workers’ comp?

A1. Michigan law requires a person to be disabled for a period of at least seven days. He will not receive any wage loss benefits.

Q2. Marilyn is getting weekly checks from workers’ comp. How much does she receive?

A2. Michigan law requires payment of 80% of her after-tax average weekly wage. This amount is subject to a maximum of $870 per week.

Q3. Jeff is not satisfied with his medical treatment. Can he select his own doctor?

A3. Michigan law allows a person to select his or her own doctor after 28 days.

Q4. Alex is currently receiving wage loss benefits but is still technically employed. Does he need to perform a good faith job search?

A4. Michigan law requires a good-faith job search as a condition of receiving wage loss benefits.

Q5. Larry has been receiving workers’ comp benefits for several years. Can his benefits be stopped based upon an independent medical examination (IME)?

A5. Insurance companies can dispute payment of workers’ comp benefits at any time.

Q6. Angel has been given a five-pound lifting restrictions and is unable to perform the duties of her regular job. Can her employer force her to accept a different position?

A6. Disabled employees are required to attempt any job provided it is within their restrictions and a reasonable distance from home.

Q7. Jennifer receives a medical bill from her doctor. Is she responsible for the unpaid balance?

A7. Medical treatment is covered 100% under workers’ comp. There should never be any co-pays or deductibles.

Q8. Joe wants to settle his workers’ comp case and find a new job. How much can he expect to be paid?

A8. The value of future wage loss and medical benefits can be traded for a lump sum cash payment.

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