Self-defeating strategies (Part 3 of 3)

Client behaviors meant to solve a problem but make a Michigan workers’ compensation case much harder.

Part three of our series looking at self-defeating strategies involves light duty work. Refusing a job offer within restrictions can result in a permanent forfeiture of wage loss benefits. Here is why a disabled employee needs to show up to work if called.

Light duty is restricted work that poses no danger to health or safety. It must also be a reasonable distance from home. Light duty is not limited to jobs within qualifications and training.

A person must accept light duty or risk having their wage loss benefits suspended. The idea is that if a person refuses work accommodations, he or she is voluntarily removing themselves from the work force.

Humiliating jobs are offered with the hope that a disabled employee quits. Some people are forced to sit in a chair and watch an empty parking lot for 8 hours. It is tempting to quit but this is a bad idea.

We tell our clients to try any job that is offered. Some are immediately sent home after calling the employer’s bluff. Others find the job beyond their restrictions and can request to go home. Whatever happens will be important evidence for trial.

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