Detroit Tiger Miguel Cabrera diagnosed with two herniated discs

What can be learned about Michigan workers’ compensation from a professional baseball player?

The Detroit Free Press is reporting that Miguel Cabrera has been diagnosed with two herniated discs in his back. He had to come out of last week’s game against the Twins because of symptoms. It is unknown whether he will see the field again this season.

Manager Brad Ausmus was quoted as saying: “What happens is your discs tend to lose water as you get older and they dry out and over time, the vertebrae, gravity starts to push them down and the discs, they get pushed out from the vertebrae and as they get pushed out they can start touching nerves.”

We hope Miggy recovers soon and look forward to seeing him on the field next year! Here are some workers’ compensation lessons that can be learned from his situation.

Lesson #1. It’s arguably work-related.

Years of professional baseball have most likely taken its toll on Cabrera. Did his job with the Detroit Tigers cause or worsen his back problems? Workers’ compensation benefits are usually denied if the insurance company thinks a person is just suffering from a condition of the aging process.

Lesson #2. Baseball goes on without him.

Cabrera has indicated a willingness to finish out the season despite his back problems. Ausmus was not sure if he would be shut down early. The ultimate decision about returning to work is always made by the employer.

Lesson #3. He can only get $870 per week.

Cabrera signed one of the most lucrative contracts in baseball history. It has been reported that he will receive $184 million through 2023. Unfortunately, workers’ compensation is limited to 90% of the state-wide average weekly wage. This will pay him a whopping maximum of $870 per week in wage loss benefits.

Lesson #4. Conservative treatment first.

The Detroit Free Press speculates that treatment will consist of anti-inflammatory drugs, physical therapy, and possibly epidural injections. Ausmus does not believe surgery will be necessary. Most of our clients follow a similar treatment plan and exhaust conservative options before undergoing back surgery.

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