Happy Halloween!

Our annual list of Halloween costume ideas for the scary people involved in your Michigan workers’ compensation case.

We think humor is a great stress reliever for people fighting to get their workers’ compensation benefits. Claimants must deal with a variety of professionals and some of them can be downright scary. Here is our tongue-in-cheek list of Halloween costume ideas for people involved in your workers’ compensation claim.

1. Nothing is more disturbing than when a claims adjuster will not approve medical treatment or start wage loss benefits. Telephone calls get ignored and claimants are left in the dark about their situation. We suggest a ghost costume because claims adjusters seem to disappear into thin air.

2. Nurse case managers do not always play by the rules. Barging into the examination room or speaking to a doctor without permission. Watch out for these insurance company representatives who should be dressed as an evil witch.

3. Insurance companies hire doctors to perform “independent” medical examinations. Some of these medical professionals make careers out of testing against disabled workers. We think a mad scientist is the perfect costume idea.

4. Private investigators are routinely hired to perform activity checks and conduct surveillance. Social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter will be scoured for incriminating evidence. A claimant might be followed to his or her doctor’s appointments. We think private investigators should be dressed as crazy stalkers so everyone knows to avoid them.

5. Defense attorneys are like the cheap neighbors down the street who pass out expired potato chips or loose pennies. We suggest tattered rags for these high-priced individuals for when they answer the door.

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