How long will this case take? Two weeks!

Average time to resolve a workers’ compensation case in Michigan and ways to speed up the process.

We had a recent discussion about how long a case takes to resolve. It reminded us of the classic 80s flick ‘The Money Pit.’ This movie follows the story of newlyweds who purchase a mansion with the hope of fixing it up. A running gag throughout the movie is a contractor who promises to complete the job within two weeks. Each hilarious setback is answered with “two weeks.”

Some of our clients get upset when they learn that it can take over a year to resolve a case. It is especially difficult for those individuals who have no income and must support their families. Statistics published by the Agency show 38 percent of total cases are still pending after twelve months.

We understand the stress and worry that people feel. Each case is different and the length of time varies. Here are some ways to speed up the process.

1. File under the 60-day rule

Individuals who have their wage loss benefits stopped within the last 60 days can ask for an expedited hearing. These are known as 60 day cases and take precedence over other matters.

2. Use the facilitation process

Facilitation is an informal hearing where both sides present their arguments to a neutral magistrate. Neither side must accept the settlement amount recommended but it helps narrow issues and bring the matter closer to resolution.

3. Schedule depositions

Proving a case requires medical and vocational evidence. This is obtained by taking depositions of experts. Getting ready for trial gets the attention of the insurance company and shows a person is serious.

4. Waive the 15-day appeal period

Most people eventually settle their case for a lump sum cash payment. A redemption hearing must be scheduled with the magistrate and it will not become final until 15 days after. It is possible to waive this 15-day appeal period with approval of all parties. This will speed up payment of settlement.

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