What happens if work stress becomes overwhelming?

Dealing with stress at work and what happens when it turns into a psychiatric disability.

We saw a fascinating article from Safety+Health about managing work stress. Researchers at the University of Michigan found that learning something new at work is a better stress reducer than taking breaks. Individuals who return to a stressful environment may become frustrated reversing the effects of relaxation.

Stress is a natural part of any job. Physical stress happens when someone is overworked and not getting enough sleep, eating properly, or facing the effects of an illness/injury. Mental stress results from difficult coworkers, abusive supervisors, unreasonable demands, or fear of getting fired.

Many people who contact our office are suffering from a psychiatric disability. This is when normal stress turns into something that interferes with their ability to work. Anxiety and mood disorders are common. We see people with major depression, panic attacks, and PTSD.

Workers’ Compensation

It can be difficult to function in a stressful work environment. People feel trapped when they are counting on a paycheck to support their families. Seeking help from a medical professional is the best way to manage these feelings.

Work stress can be hard to prove. No one can tell what a person is thinking or feeling. Individuals also react in different ways. Michigan law uses a reasonable person standard and disability must arise out of actual events of employment.

Workers’ compensation benefits are available for people suffering from psychiatric disability. This includes medical treatment and wage loss benefits. Medical evidence from a treating physician will be required.

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