Retail workers face increased danger throughout holiday season

Safety tips for retail workers who face increased danger throughout the holiday season.

Our staff is already looking forward to shopping on Black Friday. This is when retailers roll out big sales promotions and kick off the holiday season. Expect stores to be packed with people!

Large crowds present a risk of trampling. A Walmart employee even died during a customer stampede in 2008. Several other people were injured. Sometimes the frantic pace of retail is a hazard all by itself. OSHA has published a fact sheet regarding crowd management. It includes safety guidelines for planning, pre-event setup, during the sales event, and emergency situations. We hope employers use this information to make their workplaces safer.

Retail workers are also expected to lift and carry heavy items. This can result in serious physical injury to knees, shoulders, and spine. Here is some information about safe lifting techniques to help be prepared. Climbing ladders to retrieve stock is also dangerous and should always be done safely.

Some employers hire temporary workers to help during the holiday season. It is critical these temporary workers receive the same level of training as regular employees. Company profits should never come before employee safety.

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