Beware scammers this holiday season

Warning about potential scams targeting people on Michigan workers’ comp.

Our law firm sees people targeted by scammers more frequently during the holiday season. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is. We suggest contacting your local police department if someone attempts to steal your identity or money. Here are four common scams.

1. Watch out for unsolicited promises to send extra benefits in exchange for a smaller cash payment. Never send anyone gift cards, checks, or money orders. This is a scam designed to steal. There is no “free money” under workers’ comp. A person will never be offered a settlement unless they have a current and open claim.

2. Beware individuals who promise to make a workers’ comp claim on your behalf. Do not give any personal/medical/bank information unless you know the person can be trusted. Payment of wage loss benefits should be coordinated through your employer and/or its insurance company. This money is intended to compensate for lost time. Medical bills should be paid directly by the insurance company.

3. It is common for our clients to be given opioids for pain relief. Do not sell left over prescription medications to third parties. This is illegal and your doctor can help with proper disposal methods.

4. Michigan law requires employers to purchase workers’ comp insurance. It is designed to protect both employers and employees in the event of a workplace accident. Some employers attempt to game the system by telling employees to lie about where the accident occurred. Promises of under the table wages and payment of medical bills are rarely kept. Contact an experienced lawyer if this happens to you!

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