Influenza widespread across Michigan

Should employees who miss work because of the flu get workers’ compensation benefits?

The Detroit Free Press is reporting that Influenza cases are raging in multiple states including Michigan. This has prompted Beaumont Health System to ban visits from children under the age of 13 until flu season is over. Sick people are spreading the flu in schools and workplaces across Michigan.

Kids who get the flu are told to stay home from school. This is important because it stops the spread of germs. Parents are not always so lucky and must report to their jobs. It is common to see a workplace full of sick employees coughing and sneezing near each other.

Employees who get the flu are less productive and spread germs to coworkers. This hurts the company’s bottom line. Some employees cannot afford to take a sick day even if allowed. We think offering workers’ compensation benefits to employees exposed to flu is a good solution.

Other illnesses are covered under workers’ compensation. This includes allergic reactions, occupational asthma, and skin irritation. To qualify for benefits, an employee must show his or her illness was connected to their employment. Wage loss benefits start after one week of disability. Medical is covered from the onset.

Michigan law should be amended to allow an employee to seek paid sick time during the first week of illness if exposed and later diagnosed with Influenza.

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