What does it mean when the insurance company closes my workers’ comp claim?

Warning about insurance company tactics to save money and our Michigan workers’ comp benefit checklist.

Insurance companies are notorious for trying to save money. This often comes at the expense of people hurt on-the-job. We see clients lose their workers’ comp benefits simply because they returned to work or some doctor said they had fully recovered.

Entitlement to workers’ comp does not end just because the insurance company closes its file. Here is our checklist to make sure you have been paid all required benefits under Michigan law.

A person can re-open his or her workers’ comp claim when additional medical or wage loss is owed. A settlement approved by a magistrate at a redemption hearing is the only way to permanently end a claim. We recommend contacting an experienced attorney if benefits are not paid.

Medical bills fully paid without co-pays or deductibles.

Mileage reimbursed for travel to and from doctor appointments.

Family members paid for helping with activities of daily living.

Lost wages paid for time away from the job.

Differential paid for earning less money at work.

Compensated for vocational rehabilitation.

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