Personal data for 87 million Facebook users accessed

Facebook scandal is a huge warning sign for people on workers’ compensation and why social media accounts need to be disabled.

ABC News is reporting that 87 million Facebook users had their personal data accessed by a political firm that worked for Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. Cambridge Analytica has been accused of improperly using this information to build psychological profiles and target voters with political ads.

This controversy is fascinating because it shows how social media can be used in unintended and potentially damaging ways. Our clients are warned that insurance companies review social media for clues that a workers’ compensation claim might be fraudulent. Adjusters make snap decisions about paying medical and wage loss based upon what is posted online.

Items are frequently taken out-of-context and used against claimants. A status update about weekend activities can indicate a person is not suffering from a current disability. Making comments about the insurance company/employer can also be used to question intentions.

We tell our clients to deactivate all social media accounts. Changing security settings might not be enough. People can be tricked into giving up their personal data through various means. A simple friend request or online quiz could be turned into a backdoor. Losing workers’ compensation benefits is not worth the risk.

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