What are the most common jobs that send people to the hospital?

Statistics compiled by Michigan State University track work-related hospitalizations in Michigan.

The Occupational and Environmental Medicine Division at Michigan State University is preparing its first annual report on work-related hospitalizations in Michigan. Here are some interesting preliminary statistics from its data fact sheet.

Data from 2017 shows 825 people were hospitalized after getting hurt at work. The most common industries sending people to the hospital were in manufacturing (21.1%), construction (18.8%), agriculture (12.5%), retail trade (7.4%), and transportation (6.4%).

The most common injury cause was “fall” (40.7%), followed by “struck by” (28.3%), and then “other” incident (10.0%). Fractures were the most common type of injury. The mean hospitalization length was 6 days.

Our 2 cents

We are pleased to see Michigan State University share this important data. Building hazard awareness is the key to reducing workplace accidents. It also confirms that “falls” and “struck by” continue to be a serious problem. Accidents in these categories are part of OSHA’s “fatal four.”

It would also be helpful to see data from occupational/industrial clinics. Most people who are hurt at work are required to see a company doctor for the first 28 days. Understanding how people get hurt will show ways to prevent future workplace accidents.

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