Our attorney picks for the worst insurance companies in Michigan

Workers’ Compensation Agency (WCA) releases its 2017 Notice of Dispute Report showing insurance companies with a higher than average percentage of disputed claims.

Insurance companies can dispute payment of workers’ compensation benefits at any time in the claim process. Medical bills stop getting paid and wage loss checks are put on hold.

Our clients feel blindsided when they get a Notice of Dispute in the mail. The reasons are not always clear and it can spell financial disaster. Unfair decisions should always be challenged in court.

The 2017 Notice of Dispute Report published by the WCA shows the number of claims that were initially voluntarily paid and then later disputed. Excluded are claims in which an Application for Mediation or Hearing was filed.

The average for all insurance companies in Michigan was 8.5% for 2017. We use a 20/20 rule when creating our list. Insurance companies with at least 20 Michigan claims and dispute rate exceeding 20%.

Insurance Company                                                  Total Claims          % Disputed

Farm Bureau General Insurance Company                  143                               41%

Farm Bureau Mutual Insurance Co of Michigan         97                                 42%

Hartford Fire Insurance Company                                 57                                 21%

Hartford Insurance Company of The Midwest            57                                 23%

Norguard Insurance Company                                        28                                54%

Property & Casualty Insurance Co of Hartford            21                                 24%

Trumbull Insurance Company                                        43                                 26%

Twin City Fire Insurance Company                                61                                 25%

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