Full color 3d X-ray technology is coming

Technological advance results in full color 3d X-rays and what this means for people hurt on-the-job in Michigan.

We saw a fascinating item on Gizmodo about a new full color 3d X-ray technology. It allows doctors to see not just fractures but also differentiate muscle, fat, liquids, and all the other material in the human body.

This technological advancement could result in quicker diagnosis and better medical treatment. While it is still years away from hospital and clinic use, it is past the research stage and clinical trials are expected to start.

This is good news for people hurt at work in Michigan. Employees all go through a similar process when hurt on-the-job. They must report to a company approved clinic for diagnosis and treatment. This usually consists of a physical examination and X-ray. Restrictions are often given and they are sent back to work.

Unfortunately, many of our clients receive subpar medical care from occupational clinics. They are under diagnosed and sent back to work too quickly. It is not until an MRI is approved that a proper diagnosis is made. Some people are made worse by having to wait. A full color 3d X-ray could be a game changer.

Michigan law allows a person to see his or her own doctor after 28 days. All reasonable and necessary medical treatment is covered 100% under workers’ compensation. Costs are fixed by a state-wide fee schedule.

Our experience shows that seeing a personal doctor is the best way to ensure a correct diagnosis. A specialist can be selected and the insurance company simply needs to be informed of that decision.

Michigan Workers Comp Lawyers never charges a fee to evaluate a potential case. Our law firm has represented injured and disabled workers exclusively for more than 35 years. Call (844) 201-9497 for a free consultation today.

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