Happy 4th of July!

Celebrating Independence Day with our annual list of workers’ compensation grievances.

Our law firm is closed today for the July 4th holiday. We hope our blog readers have a nice day celebrating the founding of our nation.

In the spirit of the Declaration of Independence, here is our list of workers’ compensation grievances that must be addressed immediately! Let facts be submitted to a candid world:

1. Insurance companies must stop using “phantom wages” to reduce the weekly comp rate. Just because a vocational expert says a job is available does not make it true.

2. Medical examinations conducted by insurance company doctors are not “independent.”

3. Workers’ compensation is not welfare and discrimination against our clients must stop. Nobody gets rich from 80% of their pay and most people just want to get back to work.

4. Private investigators must be held accountable when they cross ethical boundaries. Evidence obtained through dubious means should not be allowed at trial.

5. Michigan businesses have saved an estimated $446 million since workers’ compensation reforms were enacted in 2011. It is time to pass some of these savings on to workers through higher pay.

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