Minor errors in medical records cause big problems

What every patient needs to know about their medical records and why minor errors cause big problems.

We saw a fascinating article in HuffPost about errors in medical records. How they hurt patients in not so obvious ways. It is a must read for anyone who regularly gets medical treatment.

It also turns out that medical errors are the third leading cause of death in the United States. Errors in medical documentation can result in misdiagnosis and cause real harm.

Unfortunately, our workers’ comp clients have lots of experience with doctors and hospitals. Medical treatment is covered 100% and is one of the most important benefits under Michigan law.

Errors in medical documentation can result in the wrong insurance company receiving a bill. The patient could ultimately end up responsible for payment if submitted too late. Michigan law also has a two-year back rule for medical bills under workers’ comp.

Medical history provided to the doctor at the time of accident is critical. These records will be used by the insurance company to pay or dispute a claim. Medical records will also be reviewed during the investigation to see about preexisting conditions and if current complaints match the injury.

Telling the truth is the best way to protect legal rights. Never lie about how or where an accident occurred. Medical history at the time of injury must match with future testimony. We think it is a good idea to double check the medical history at each doctor appointment.

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