New work requirement for Medicaid

Governor Rick Snyder signs law requiring Medicaid recipients to work or lose their health insurance coverage.

The Detroit Free Press is reporting that Governor Rick Snyder has signed legislation requiring Medicaid recipients to work 80 hours per month. It applies to individuals aged 18 to 62 who do not qualify for an exemption.

This is big news for many of our clients who currently receive health insurance through Medicaid. It allows them to seek medical care even when their workers’ compensation claim has been disputed. A true lifesaver for many people suffering with injury. Medicaid gets paid back from any settlement or award.

Medicaid expansion was passed in conjunction with the Affordable Care Act. Individuals making up to 138% of the federal poverty level qualify for insurance coverage. Over 600,000 people in Michigan receive healthcare because of this expansion.

Federal rules prohibit a work requirement for Medicaid. However, President Donald Trump is approving waivers for states who seek to impose such a condition. It is expected that he will grant such a waiver for Michigan.

A big question still exists about whether individuals with disputed workers’ compensation claims will be considered “able-bodied” and required to work for Medicaid health insurance coverage. This could put our clients in a dangerous situation where they cannot receive needed medical care.

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