Scientists 3D print artificial cornea

New medical technology gives hope to individuals suffering from vision problems related to a damaged cornea.

Popular Mechanics is reporting on a new technique that uses human stem cells to 3D print a human cornea. This could help millions who suffer from vision problems.

We are excited by this news because of the many people who suffer vision loss after a workplace accident. The cornea is a clear protective outer layer covering the eye. If the cornea is damaged it can lead to blindness.

Cornea damage can occur from flying debris in the workplace. Individuals who lose vision in their eye are entitled to a specific loss benefit equal to 162 weeks of lost wages. It does not matter if the employee returns to work early as these benefits must be paid regardless.

Medical treatment should also be covered under workers’ compensation without co-pays or deductibles. This includes prescription eye drops and surgery. A cornea transplant from a deceased donor should also be covered in full.

Experimental medicine is not typically covered under workers’ compensation in Michigan. However, medical breakthroughs occur every day and will eventually become mainstream treatments.

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Photo courtesy of Creative Commons, by National Eye Institute.

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