Back to School! Pop Quiz! (2018)

Take our pop quiz to better understand your legal rights under workers’ comp in Michigan.

Students around Metro Detroit are getting ready for a new school year. Here is our pop quiz to see if you understand workers’ comp law. Decide which statements are true or false.

Q1. Workers’ comp is welfare for lazy people.

Q2. People get rich on workers’ comp.

Q3. I don’t have to go back to work.

Q4. My job is protected while I’m off work.

Q5. I don’t need to look for a new job.

Q6. I can pick my own doctor.

Q7. All my medical bills will be paid.

Q8. I can ask for vocational retraining.

Q9. I can fight insurance company denials.

Q10. I can get a cash settlement.

A1. False. Workers’ comp is a type of insurance. It is designed to protect both employer and employee if a work accident occurs. It pays medical and wage loss. Pain and suffering is not available.

A2. False. Nobody gets rich on workers’ comp. It pays just 80% of a person’s after-tax average weekly wage while they are disabled from working.

A3. False. Employees who refuse a job within their restriction give up any claim for wage loss benefits.

A4. False. Workers’ comp does not protect your job. Employment might be protected under federal law and/or union contract. A person cannot be fired for seeking workers’ comp benefits or hiring a lawyer.

A5. False. A good-faith job search is required when receiving workers’ comp. This is true even if you are still employed or get Social Security disability benefits.

A6. True. Individuals on workers’ comp can select their own doctor after 28 days from the start of medical care.

A7. True. Workers’ comp pays all reasonable and necessary medical treatment. No co-pays and deductibles are owed.

A8. True. Individuals on workers’ comp can ask for vocational rehabilitation to help transition to a new job.

A9. True. Insurance company denials can be challenged in court and reversed.

A10. True. Individuals can trade workers’ comp benefits for a cash settlement. Money received can be used for any purpose.

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