Part 3 of 3: Why wage loss benefits get disputed

Insurance companies dispute wage loss benefits when an employee is fired for cause.

Blogs this week have been about games employers and insurance companies play to dispute wage loss benefits. Part 3 of this series involves getting fired for cause.

Most of the individuals we represent live paycheck to paycheck. It can be a financial disaster if wage loss benefits are cut-off.

We all know that employers can find any excuse to fire someone. Here is what could happen if a person entitled to wage loss benefits is fired for cause.

Fired for cause

Some bad employers try to escape paying wage loss benefits by making up a pretext to fire an employee. We have seen this happen numerous times for many questionable reasons. Excuses include poor job performance, failing a drug test, or intentional misconduct.

If an employee is fired for cause, it could be used as an excuse to stop payment of wage loss benefits. The argument is that a job was available within doctor restrictions, but the employee’s own actions caused them to lose the employment.

It is important to challenge getting fired. This will help ensure that wage loss benefits under workers’ compensation continue to be paid. It is also possible to recover additional damages if it can be shown that a person was wrongfully terminated.

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