What are the rules about changing doctors under workers’ compensation?

Michigan lawyer explains how you can select your own doctor under workers’ compensation and what procedures should be followed.

Yesterday’s blog post was about telemedicine and selecting your own doctor. How employers/insurance companies send people to occupational clinics and subpar medical treatment is provided. Telemedicine is the next frontier in this conflict.

Insurance companies want to pick your doctor because it gives them control over medical costs and work restrictions. Our experience shows insurance company doctors will not support a claim once benefits are stopped. Nurse case managers quickly twist arms and have work restrictions lifted. We have seen countless situations where the doctor just gives in to whatever the insurance company wants.

Michigan law allows an employee to select his or her own doctor. MCL 418.315 (1) says: After 28 days from the inception of medical care as provided in this section, the employee may treat with a physician of his or her own choice by giving to the employer the name of the physician and his or her intention to treat with the physician.

Sending an email, letter, or fax to the insurance company with the name, address, and telephone number of the new doctor should be enough notice. Penalties are available if the insurance company fails to pay medical bills.

Insurance companies also require claimants provide updated medical records and off work notes on a regular basis. Failure to cooperate with this request could result in medical and wage loss being cut-off. Make sure to speak with an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer if this occurs.

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