New record for opioid deaths in Michigan

Opioid addiction is a health crisis as record number of people die from overdose.

The Detroit Free Press has reported that overdose deaths from opioids reached a record high last year. Data shows 2,729 people lost their lives from an opioid-related overdose in 2017. This represents a 9% increase from the year before.

We are saddened by these statistics as many clients are prescribed opioids. Workers’ comp patients can become dependent upon these powerful drugs. It makes their lives worse and prolongs disability. Death from overdose is a real concern.

We have blogged about the opioid health crisis on several occasions and there are no easy answers. The Michigan Legislature recently enacted a 7-day limit for opioid prescriptions when treating for acute pain. Workers’ comp rules already prohibit opioid reimbursement beyond 90 days unless specific procedures are met. Federal and state law enforcement officers have been cracking down on opioid crimes.

Additional laws and regulations are a positive step, but we have also warned about unnecessary bureaucratic hurdles. Doctors must be free to treat patients as individuals using professional judgment and experience.

Help us take a stand against opioid addiction. Speak up if you or someone you love needs help. Workers’ comp covers addiction treatment 100%. Do not suffer in silence!

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