Malicious prosecution lawsuit filed against workers’ comp insurance company

Mentally disabled man sues workers’ comp insurance company for malicious prosecution after surveillance video is turned over to police.

We saw an interesting article about a North Carolina man who was arrested when an insurance company reported him to the police. He had been paid workers’ comp for years and the insurance company had been unsuccessful in its attempts to cut-off benefits. In a bizarre twist, evidence was given to police showing that he was committing fraud. Charges were eventually thrown out and he is now pursuing a malicious prosecution lawsuit against the insurance company.

This situation reminds us of our own cases. Private investigators routinely follow people claiming workers’ comp benefits. Insurance companies want to find some evidence that a person is not legitimate. Video surveillance is often taken out of context.

We have seen private investigators cross ethical boundaries on multiple occasions. They have lied to doctors, relatives, and neighbors to get confidential information. Pushed their way into hospital rooms to obtain samples for drug tests. Illegally trespassed to film clients through garage doors and windows. There have even been instances of overt harassment.

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